Much as any collection of literature, compilation of music, or group show of visual art is only as strong as its components, Works & Days rises and falls on the strength of its contributors. We are grateful for the work we have had the honor of presenting here so far. We are grateful for your readership.

The following is a brief outline of our editorial intent:

1. We believe the Internet can present work of lasting value.

2. We prize content above all. Good work with exceptional craftsmanship is an underrated virtue. We actively seek it.

3. All work is published in a seasonally curated, rigorously designed space.

4. We adhere to no ideology other than a desire to publish work we deem worthwhile and thematically harmonious.

5. We seek to form a community of artists like-minded in nothing more—nor less—than valuing the creative process and commensurate creative output. We do our best to do right by our artists and use what resources we have available to promote their work and share it among our growing community. Once in a while, we also like to get together to compare notes or simply to celebrate a new issue.

6. We publish neither advertising nor criticism. In this spirit, we seek work with a passion behind it. We want work that would have come into being if it were created by the last human alive on this planet. Works & Days cultivates its audience through work alone.

7. We respect rigorousness of thought in our readers as much as our contributors. For this reason we have foregone a comments section in favor of inviting our readers to write us anytime at Additional information about our individual contributors is made available through a link at the bottom of our main page.

Mission Statement

Works & Days prizes content; it exists as a challenge to the notion that the Internet is only good for the fleeting and ephemeral. Our aim is to publish creative work of substance and craftsmanship, in any genre that our format will allow. To do so, we have created a space that is both rigorously designed and seasonally curated. Works & Days publishes neither criticism nor advertising, only work. We are not beholden to any school or ideology, but rather place faith in a simple maxim: good work is its own reward.

Works & Days Quarterly:
An online quarterly of arts, letters, and no small amount of craft.